Virtual Learning Guidance

Please see below some hints and tips that you may find useful when using Microsoft Teams for meetings / attending virtual training sessions:

Golden Rule – don’t leave it until one minute before the session starts to log on and join – always give yourself at least 5-10 minutes before the session to check the link to the meeting and settings on your machine.

When people lose the sound / intermittent sound:

  • Check that any headphones being used are fully into the socket (if they are only half way in the sound doesn’t come through properly).
  • Check that the volume on the laptop/PC isn’t on mute – click on the icon at the bottom right of the screen to adjust the volume (if you’re wearing headphones don’t put it to 100, it’ll deafen you – about 20 with headphones is fine).
  • Check the mute button on the MS Teams call isn’t on. 
  • If all else fails, leave the call and re-join – this usually sorts out the issue.

When screens freeze / When there are issues with the network.

  • A lot of the issues are to do with home WiFi connections, before going on a call try and place yourself as near to the WiFi router as possible, or if you’ve got an internet cable and port in the laptop/pc to plug it into, then you can bypass the WiFi all together.
  • If other people are connected to the WiFi at the same time the signal strength will reduce, if possible try and co-ordinate with other members of the household so they are not on calls at the same time you are.
  • If the screen is freezing but the sound is okay, turn off the camera as this will reduce demand on the WiFi.
  • Close out of anything you do need access to while on the call i.e. emails, internet pages etc…  this again will free up processing capacity on your device.
  • If you’re having issues, just let the other people on the call know by using the chat facility, but don’t expect the session to be halted.
  • If it’s a really important call, you may want to consider going to the office (numbers and social distancing allowing) and connecting to the network directly.
  • If you are in an office space – find a quiet room where there is no background noise to disrupt the sound quality should you wish to speak in the session, to avoid the disruption of the learning of others, and most importantly to protect confidentiality.