Emma Finnigan

Organisational Development / Strategic Apprenticeship Manager

Emma was appointed as Organisational Development Co-ordinator with Sefton Council in October 2017. Emma will play a key role in driving forward OD across the organisation as well as acting as a deputy for the Workforce Learning and Development Manager. Emma also oversees the Apprenticeship levy and manages the Corporate Apprenticeship Team who are responsible for the recruitment of Apprentices across the Council.

Emma works with colleagues in Strategic Support, Workforce Development and key stakeholders to undertake organisational activities across the Council.  This will include a plan which will outline the activities that we will need to deliver upon to move the Council from the ‘As-is’ state to the desired culture. This includes how we will change our systems (structures and processes) our culture (our values, behaviours and leadership) and our people (how we are structured and what we do) to achieve the 2030 vision.

Emma also coordinates a network of One Council Champions. The Champions play an important role in helping people engage and shape change as well as help their own individual service areas support people through change.