Short of time but still need training?

Knowing how difficult it can be to find time to complete training in a single sitting, our courses are designed to accommodate this. Your progress through an e-learning course is tracked at each stage, so you can dip out of the session whenever you need to – when you return, you’ll be able to pick up where you left off, or start from the beginning.

You won’t need to buy any expensive software or hardware to run our courses. All you will need to complete your training is a PC or laptop and access to the Internet.

At present we have 2 courses on offer:

  • Private Fostering

This programme aims to provide information in terms of how to identify whether a child is living in a Private Fostering situation, what you should do, the role and responsibilities of parents/carers and who you need to contact. Course information here

  • Autism Awareness 

This programme aims to understand some of the key definitions around autism and autistic spectrum disorders, identify some of the key characteristics of ASD and the myths/ facts surrounding these, name the key pieces of legislation/ guidance which supports those living with autism and use some practical strategies to support someone with autism including communication and ‘autism friendly’ approaches. Course information here


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