Raising Self-Esteem in Africa

Over the summer I was lucky enough to volunteer for a charity for two weeks in Swaziland, Africa. Hidden within the stunning scenery and some of the most beautifully generous people you will ever meet, Swaziland also has deep-rooted cultural values which means that on average by the time girls reach the age of 18, 3 in 5 five of them have experienced sexual or physical abuse. The charity works to remove these vulnerable children and place them in an orphan care programme, teaching them to raise their ambitions and self-worth. Whilst away I was lucky enough to deliver a self-esteem session with some of the senior girls, exploring their own sense of worth and giving them strategies to increase their self-esteem and aspirations. My hope is that the girls learn to make peace with the painful experiences of their past, and grow up to be resilient women. No matter what background or culture we are from, we all have mental health and deserve to grow up with healthy self-esteem; this is a lesson I will be taking back to the Children and Young People’s Mental Health Awareness training I deliver at the Sefton Corporate Learning Centre!

Fancy coming along to this training? You can view dates and book now via our website.

Grace Gillen

Learning and Development officer