Health and Safety Service Level Agreement (SLA) for Sefton Schools

Live Monday 12th April 2021

Sefton Corporate Learning Centre has been working with colleagues in the Corporate Health and Safety Team to bring you a portfolio of Health and Safety eLearning courses at a heavily discounted rate. 

Courses include the following:

Course TitleLength of Course
Fire Safety at Work60 minutes
Food Safety and Hygiene Level 2 in Catering1hr and 30 minutes
Health and Safety60 minutes
Risk Assessment40 minutes
Asbestos awareness60 minutes
Control of Hazardous Substances to Health (COSHH)60 minutes
Display Screen Equipment (DSE)60 minutes
Manual Handling at Work30 minutes

The Health and Safety eLearning SLA gives schools unlimited access to our full portfolio of Health and Safety eLearning courses for an annual fee, as many times as they like during the 12 month period.  The cost per learner to enrol on a single eLearning Health and Safety course is ordinarily £20 per license (£15 if you purchase 10 or more licenses).  The SLA reduces the fee to £3 per license.

Here is a typical example to demonstrate the savings this SLA offers

To complete all 8 courses in the absence of the SLA, this would cost a school with 120 employees £19,200.  Learners are only permitted to access each course once.

The SLA reduces the cost to £3 per license, reducing the overall cost from £19,200 to £2,880.  In this example, the school has generated a saving of £16,320 plus employees have unlimited access and can complete the courses as many times as they like. 

Log onto the Sefton Education Services portal to find out more information about this SLA, course aims, learning outcomes, content and/or to make a purchase.  

Other important considerations

School staff will require an email address to access our H&S courses – this can be a work or personal email address.  Schools will need to liaise with their workforce, gain consent regarding the sharing of email addresses then provide this information to training services. This will enable staff to access the eLearning via their own training account and to receive any relevant training booking and reminder notifications. 

Please contact training services at or telephone 0151 934 2872 if you have any queries about email addresses.

Please note – once email addresses are allocated to staff, they have full access to our library of classroom, virtual classroom and eLearning courses.  This means they can freely book onto courses that carry a charge e.g. any courses not covered by this SLA.    

It is important you communicate with your staff to advise the school will be charged at the full rate for any courses that are not covered by this SLA.     

If you have any questions or queries regarding the SLA or you would like to speak to someone about its contents, please contact Michael Mainwaring, Workforce Learning and Development Manager at or telephone 0151 934 2483.