Sefton Corporate Learning Centre and COVID-19 – what have we done/are we doing?

Over the last few months we have been very busy trying to make the Sefton CLC as safe as possible for everyone who visits us as well as those who work there.

The CLC is thoroughly cleaned both morning and at night and we encourage everyone to wipe down their workstations/areas regularly – but particularly first thing in the morning and before they leave at night.  Items such as the photocopier are wiped down before and after every use.

There is a minimum number of staff in the CLC at any one time – the numbers are strictly controlled by the Managers at the Centre.

The suite of First Aid Courses and the Fire Warden course are the only courses that are classroom based and running at the moment – a lot of our courses, at this present time, are being delivered virtually.

So what have we done/ are we doing?

  • We were one of the first areas within Sefton Council to produce and have approved a COVID-19 risk assessment – which is regularly assessed and updated as necessary.
  • We operate the NHS track and trace app system – don’t worry if you haven’t got the app – we book you in anyway.
  • There are automatic sanitiser dispensers strategically placed around the CLC – and at the entrance/exit to the building.
  • There are sanitiser stations in every classroom/meeting room – these consist of sanitising wipes, a spray, a hand gel and paper towels.
  • No equipment/stationary is shared – we ask that all delegates/staff use their own pens, pencils etc.
  • As much of the course material as possible is sent to delegates before the course so that delegates can bring their own materials with them.  Any handouts that can’t be sent beforehand are fully sanitised both before and after use.
  • Only one course is being run at any one time – to restrict the numbers of people in the building,
  • Appropriate PPE is issued when there is any close contact work required during a course.
  • No air conditioning/fans are used – windows are opened for ventilation purposes

For the FIRST AID courses:

  • Numbers allowed on the courses have been reduced to ensure social distancing is in place at all times
  • Each learner has their own desk, first aid manual, manikins (Adult, Junior and Baby), AED, resuscitation mask, gloves, wipes and hand gel. At the end of each course the mannikins are thoroughly sanitised and the lungs in every doll are changed.
  • All assessing techniques have been changed in line with Qualsafe and HSE requirements. 
  • Temperatures are taken at the start of all courses and a risk assessment sheet provided for learners to read and agree. 
  • A short video re Covid and handwashing is shown at the start of each course. 

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions: