What is an Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships are work based learning programmes which lead to nationally recognised qualifications. Apprentices learn on the job, building up knowledge and skills whilst earning (national minimum wage for age) money at the same time. The length of the apprenticeship depends on the framework subject; but it must be a minimum of 1 year.

Sefton Council provides a Corporate Apprenticeship Programme which is supported by the Apprenticeship Manager and dedicated Support Officers. Apprenticeships are available to anyone who is interested in applying for an opportunity with Sefton Council.

The Liverpool City Region (LCR) Apprenticeship Hub is a collaborative group, responsible to the LCR Employment and Skills Board. “Funded by the European Social Fund through the Education and Skills Funding Agency, we aim to increase the awareness, number and quality of Apprenticeships available to regional residents by supporting and coordinating activities, making Apprenticeships work for businesses and individuals”.

Read more about two of our highly successful Apprentices below:
Caitlin Manion Case Study
Lucy Cant Case Study

Sefton Council receive three nominations in Apprenticeship Awards
Sefton Council is proud to have received three nominations at the prestigious Liverpool City Region Apprenticeship Awards 2018. The event, held on June 18 at the Exhibition Centre in Liverpool, celebrated apprenticeships in the Liverpool City Region and recognised the best apprentices and apprentice employers.

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As an apprentice you will receive

  • Redeployment eligibility within the last two months of contract
  • Employability skills support from Sefton@Work
  • Support from a mentor and the Workforce Planning Team
  • Level 2, 3 or 4
    A recognised qualification
  • Paid holidays
  • Access to a pension scheme
  • The Minimum Wage The national minimum wage for your age -
    £7.50 25+
    £7.05 21+
    £5.60 aged 18 – 20
    £4.05 aged 16 – 17
  • A minimum 12 month fixed term contract
  • 1
  • 2

Further information on apprenticeships is available on the UK Apprenticeships website

Support for Employers 

Sefton @ Work offers a range of free and confidential job-related services for individuals and businesses in Sefton. 

There may also be funding / grants available for employers to access. 

Further information is available on the Sefton@Work website or 0151 934 2610.  DeSean Jackson Jersey

Meet the Apprentices

  • Ben KellyLibrary Assistant ApprenticeCrosby Library

    Ben Kelly
    Library Assistant Apprentice
    Crosby Library

    Ben wanted to get the real experience of work and also to get a qualification. He was pleased that the was asked to help out at Library front desk helping people with their questions and queries. Ben said "I see this apprenticeship providing me with the necessary skills to further my development" Kenny Golladay Jersey Read More
  • Harry WhitfieldCustomer Service level 2Sefton Council

    Harry Whitfield
    Customer Service level 2
    Sefton Council

    Harry became an Apprentice not only to earn some money but also to gain a valuable understanding of how a large organisation such as the Council works. He found that by working in such a varied and culturally interesting setting such as the Library he improved his understanding of customer service immensely . Some of Harry's jobs included, dealing with new stock, managing distribution of books and other media to each of the libraries across the Council. He was asked to deal with invoices, and to correct any mistakes found on the computer system. He also was placed on the main desk, dealing with customers directly helping them fulfil their needs, and continued this work for customers behind the scenes dealing with all customer stock requests and inter library loan requests. From this apprenticeship Harry is positive that he will learn lots of skills and that will be useful within future work places and in life in general. Harry says "I will be living a better quality of life and working a superior job because of this apprenticeship and what it has taught me."   Billy Winn Womens Jersey Read More
  • Liz Wood Library assistant/Customer ServiceCrosby Library

    Liz Wood
    Library assistant/Customer Service
    Crosby Library

    Liz tried an Apprenticeship because she wanted to gain new skills in a different role. She worked in the lending library issuing books, serving customers, dealing with queries, children’s sessions, shelving and processing books. Working in Information Services helping with family history enquiries. Liz is hoping to get a more permanent position within the Library Service or the Council Jannik Hansen Jersey Read More
  • Megan BallLibrary Apprentice (NVQ Customer Service Level 2)Crosby Library

    Megan Ball
    Library Apprentice (NVQ Customer Service Level 2)
    Crosby Library

    Megan is completing an apprenticeship to gain further knowledge, receive an outstanding qualification, to meet new people and gain further confidence within and out of her work place. Her tasks include, setting up the library before opening, clearing away returned items, shelving books in order, taking reserved items to be sent to other libraries, checking in items from other libraries. Serving the general public with problems, giving them advice and guidance, directing them into areas they may need to go. Using the till for collecting customer fines, DVD rentals, new library cards and Peoples Network printing. Signing members of the public up for the library service. She would hopefully like to see this apprenticeship taking her onto further job roles within the library service or even in different areas of Sefton Council. We congratulate Megan, for being nominated for a Sefton Council Star Award this year. A sign that in her colleagues view her work over the past year has exceeded the limits of her job role. Leonard Williams Authentic Jersey Read More
  • Lucy CantAdvanced Social Media ApprenticeSefton Council

    Lucy Cant
    Advanced Social Media Apprentice
    Sefton Council

    Reasons for completing an apprenticeship

    The main reason for completing the apprenticeship that I am currently on now is I knew I would ultimately benefit from this in the future. I am currently completing my level 3 social media NVQ and I am now moving on to my Level 4 which is going to be more focused on marketing which will also benefit me a lot more in the future. It is an area I am very interested in and hopefully will lead to a job in the future. 

    Overview and Responsibilities

    I am based at Magadalen House and work within the very busy Communications Team mostly looking at all elements of the Council’s social media accounts. My day to day responsibilities that I have while completing this apprenticeship is to monitor and make sure that the partner retweets are done first thing in the morning, so we as a Council don’t miss anything at all. I have the job of putting all of the corporate messages out at the end of every week ready to go live at the start of the next week. Overall I keep an eye on the Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts to make sure that nothing goes wrong within these social networking sites that we have set up. I am also involved in updating both the Sefton Council intranet and internet sites.

    Where do I see this apprenticeship going?

    I can see this apprenticeship benefiting me a lot in the future with both NVQ’s that I am going to have completed by the time I finish in 2019. I also hope to get a job out of this apprenticeship I am completing but if not I will hopefully get a job easy enough with the experience that I have got and already had while working at Sefton Council. 

    Where do I see myself in 5 years?

    I hope to see myself still working in Sefton Council continuing the job that I am doing now. If this does not happen, I hope to be in another job using the NVQ’s that I am completing now to their full advantage. Having been at Sefton Council for more than a year I really enjoy the working environment and the people I meet.

    Memorable moment during my apprenticeship

    One memorable moment that I have had during this apprenticeship is being asked to work with other apprentices and find out a bit more about them and what they do within their job role. This then led to me videoing their answers and making a short video of them all which then got shown to elected Cabinet Members in an apprenticeship meet and greet where I had to present it. This gave me a chance to show everyone my skills of what I could/can do giving me confidence and satisfaction.  Matt Duchene Jersey Read More
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