Toxic Trio – Assessment and Planning (Level 2)


To gain some understanding of the holistic impact of the Toxic Trio upon the lives of children, and how this can inform the assessment and planning processes for better outcomes.


  • To be aware of evidence and learning from Serious Case Reviews that informs our practice.
  • To reflect on the immediate and longer term holistic IMPACT that the Toxic Trio can have upon the lifespan of children / young people into adulthood.
  • Reflect on how we gain, and include the voice of the child within our assessments and planning.
  • To explore the impact of the Toxic Trio upon parenting capacity.
  • To identify protective factors, including resilience.
  • To explore and reflect on what practitioners are able to do to enable change.

Who is this training intended for?

Initial applications will be prioritised and welcomed from all those who all those who work within Children’s Social Care, including Early Intervention Services.

Subsequently, extension maybe offered to all those who have a direct role such as advocating for children / young people including; Children’s Social Care / ASYEs / Social Work Students / Schools & Families.

Download pdf: Toxic Trio – Assessment and Planning (Level 2)